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Introducing PEM® GHOST™: The Phantom Fastener Revolutionizing the World of Fastening

Ghost TamperResistant

In a world filled with bolts, screws, and rivets, a revolutionary fastening solution has emerged from the shadows. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the PEM® GHOST™ Magnetic Fasteners! With the power to secure and astound, this seemingly paranormal pin will leave you wondering, "Does it even exist?"


Currently making its debut as a tech release , the PEM® GHOST™ concealed magnetic fastener has it all: tight security, sleek aesthetics, and an air of mystery.

Ghost B


PEM®  Global Technical Marketing Manager, Jay McKenna, introduces the marvels of PEM® GHOST™ Magnetic Fastening Technology: "Imagine assembly and reassembly with near-instant release, thanks to a specialist magnetic tool. It's like magic, but with more pinch seals!" he exclaims. And he's not wrong. This fastener is as sleek as a ninja's blade and as hidden as that sock that vanishes in the dryer.


Using the mystical powers of magnetism, a magnetic release tool is all you need to unlock the PEM® GHOST™ concealed magnetic fastener. The internal components spring into action, releasing the pin from its grip faster than a secret agent escaping an evil lair. Only those authorized with the proper tool will possess the knowledge to unleash this supernatural force. It's like a secret handshake, but with pinch seals. Talk about exclusive!


Ghost A

Not only does PEM® GHOST™ Magnetic Fastening Technology offer cosmetic benefits, making your project look smoother than James Bond's charm, but it also takes security to new heights. If anyone dares to tamper with your assembly without the mystical tool, they'll need the strength of Hercules himself. With a whopping 130 Newtons of force required to separate each pin from its retainer, the would-be meddler will be left in awe.


Prepare to enter a world of unimaginable possibilities! With the PEM® GHOST™ Magnetic Fastening Technology, industries across the board will be able to explore new design avenues, *. We're talking everything from cutting-edge technology to innovative fashion.


So, embrace the invisible, embrace the future. With the PEM® GHOST™ Magnetic Fastening Technology, your assemblies will be so secure, so sleek, and so enigmatic that people will be left wondering if it's all just an illusion. But rest assured, dear friends, it's not a ghost story—it's a tale of innovation that will leave your projects hauntingly spectacular!


Disclaimer: The PEM® GHOST™ fastener is not responsible for any actual apparitions, poltergeist activity, or unexplained supernatural phenomena that may occur during its use. Use at your own spectral risk.


* PEM® GHOST™ fasteners may not be purchased for the use in consumer electronics products.


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